December. A new start…

I spent a few minutes in the early hours of the 1st of December, joking with an American friend (Twitter acquaintance) about how we Brits, specifically the English, make such a big fuss about the snow.

Just half an inch can see schools close, businesses having to operate with just a skeleton staff and public transport services seriously affected. Of course, the light dusting of snow, approximately 1cm, that we had in Peterborough, wouldn’t affect my first 5k of December.

Wrong! I ventured outside at around 5am, my usual running time, and found that I was slipping and sliding all over the place, like a drunk Todd Carty in “Dancing on Ice”. The 1cm of snow had frozen and the roads and pavements were unrunnable (I couldn’t find “unrunnable” in the dictionary, but it seems a perfectly good word to me). Oh well, a short slide home for another coffee and I’ll try again tomorrow…

…Tomorrow, 4:55am,
Milder this morning, so snow boots, crampons, skis, flares and emergency kit packed-away for another winter, I set out for my steady 5k run. Just the usual suspects out at this time of the morning. Me, some rabbits, a couple of taxi drivers and the local fox – I think it’s the same one I see every time I’m out for an early run.

I managed to run a time of 24:56, so not bad considering that the months since April have been a combination of injury and illness, or both at the same time! It’s been a struggle over the last few months, especially as I set all of my current PBs in March, from 1k to half marathon distances, and everything in between.

Never mind. I’m going into December feeling fit and healthy and aiming to complete 60 – 70 miles, illness and injury-free, before attacking 2018 head-on.


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