Confession, And Christmas Day Parkrun

With tongue ever-so-slightly-in-cheek, I have a yuletide confession to make.

The name Dan Hunt is a pseudonym, one that I use for my blog posts and for social media activities. My real name is Mohamed Cohen and, yes, I am half Muslim-half Jewish, a rare combination I know, and as such I don’t celebrate Christmas in the traditional, Christian way.

This has its drawbacks, of course. Every year I miss-out on new socks, crackers, paper hats, bad jokes, worse TV, Brussel sprout farts, snoring and monstrous over-eating.

I do, however, get to attend Peterborough parkrun on Christmas morning, without feeling any guilt about neglecting my family and friends…

I was awake early, as I wanted to watch the wonderfully-festive “Chinese Food In Minutes”, on Channel 5.

Uninspired, I ate my large bowl of Alpen, washed-down with the habitual three mugs of coffee, and headed-off on my bike to Ferry Meadows.

I’ve been feeling a little bit apprehensive about attending parkrun over the past few days. I haven’t run it for a while due to injury, illness, being injured again and then, once fully recovered, slipping on ice while out running and bruising my ribs. They’re still painful, especially first thing in the morning, and exacerbated by the up and down “bobbing” motion of running.

All of this said, I have learnt a lot from watching re-runs of the Rambo films recently, and if John J has taught me anything, it’s to make some weird grunting noises and just get on with it!

They’re off…485 of them on a Christmas morning!

They're off.

Bearing in mind my recent lack of running, or alternative training of any sort, I was holding-out absolutely no hope of running a time anywhere near my personal best of 21’03. If the truth be told, I was more concerned with completing the 5k course without walking any of it, and if I could register a time under 27 minutes I’d be satisfied.

24 minutes and 58 seconds later…


*Note – The 1 photo taken of me from the 1028 taken on Christmas Day at parkrun, wearing my festive, green pullover with a scarf and bobble hat-wearing penguin on the front, wouldn’t upload, so I’ve had to use this archive picture instead. Incidentally, this photo doesn’t make me look like a portly green alien, unlike the other one!

…finished! I was quite happy with my time of 24’58. My ribs were painful all the way round, which meant that I felt as though I was running with a very bad stitch and I couldn’t breathe properly; breathing being something I’ve found to be useful in the past when attempting to run a speedy 5k.

So…all in all a good morning at parkrun and I’m glad I went, especially as it was such a good turnout and I exceeded my own expectations during the run. That’s what running is all about. Not trying to be better than the next person, or being arrogant about your achievements, but just striving to better your own performance, fitness level and well-being as much as you can. Oh, and I didn’t pick-up any more niggling injuries – bonus!

Now for some leftover cold meat, pickles and choccy.

Next-up: Midnight Madness, NYD parkrun and future fitness goals…




2 thoughts on “Confession, And Christmas Day Parkrun

  1. Nice! Just here answering your question. Read the post & know that I had already run twice that day. Strides simply means, quick speedy pickups, like speedwork. Hope that helps. Thanks for visiting.


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