Ooh Matron! New Year, Boxercise, Coffee And Shortbread

Costa Card

I’m not wealthy, certainly not in a financial sense, so the most important piece of plastic in my wallet is my Costa gift card. My Uncle buys me one for Christmas every year, and this year I would appreciate it even more, as I sat back and relaxed with my cappuccino and caramel shortbread, reflecting on the start of 2018.

I’d laid-down 2018’s running foundations with an injury-free, two weeks of gentle running and a couple of 24’30 – 25’00 minute parkruns. This meant that after a quiet New Year’s Eve, I arrived at the New Year’s Day parkrun sober, feeling healthy in every sense and ready to put-down a marker for the coming year’s running.

24’37 – perfect, in spite of the water obstacle that mother nature had decided to set for us on this temporary, steeplechase course! Not that my time was particularly fast, but it was reasonable enough that I wasn’t disappointed, whilst leaving me plenty of room for improvement over the coming weeks and working towards my goal of running a sub- 20’30 5k. I have also set myself an achievable target of 800 miles for the year, which may increase, some 10k races and at least three half marathons. All being well, I’ll be in good enough shape to start planning a marathon in 2019.

Cross training and “the Haters”…

Ooh Matron

I’ve decided to add what training plans for running events call “cross-training”, which is, basically, anything that doesn’t involve running. I do still intend to run 4 times a week, although I may reduce this to three to accommodate some extra fitness classes, depending on how beneficial I feel they are.

“What’s Kenneth Williams got to do with this?”, I hear you cry. I’ll tell you.

One of my best mates, if not my best mate, called me to wish me a happy birthday on Thursday (the 4th of January – my birthday was on the 2nd), and during the course of the conversation I announced that I would be attending the first of my fitness classes, Boxercise, that evening.

“You what? Boxercise? Have you turned into a girl? Only women do that! No, wait, I have heard of some blokes doing it: Kenneth Williams, Graham Norton, Louis Spence…”. You get the picture!

The suggestion that it’s only gay men who partake in these kind of classes is ludicrous, and to show that the views of my “hater” friend (hater – one who sits around criticising others for getting involved in exercise, saying it’s pointless, and at the same time moaning and whining that they’re overweight, unfit, can’t pull a bird, etc.) are not views that I share, here’s a photo that I’ve taken from my phone, which provides evidence of my clear understanding of what “LGBT” represents.


My first Boxercise class…

Vic’s Gym, Thursday, 7:20pm.

I was slightly apprehensive. Assuming I’m not injured, I’m quite happy running in a straight line, and my leg muscles have become conditioned to this over the past couple of years. However, I haven’t really done any sustained exercise that works any other muscle groups during this time.

That’s why I was somewhat concerned when just the day before attending Boxercise, I had been introduced to the acronym, DOMS, which, as someone who is not a regular gym-goer, is a term that I hadn’t previously heard of. For those who don’t know, this stands for “delayed onset muscle soreness”. Basically, this means that I should be aching, quite badly, for a period of 24 to 48 hours after this “foreign” workout, meaning that my parkrun of 36 hours later could become a ย parkwaddleโ„ข (copyright @photogirlruns), rather than a run!

Costa, Friday, 10:00am…(continued)


So, here I am, about to indulge in a coffee and a cake. My upper body aches, in particular my arms, and there is slight tightness in my calf muscles. Notwithstanding these minor twinges (let’s hope they remain minor), I feel good, mentally and physically, and I’m looking forward to the next session of skipping, burpees, press-ups, gloves and pads, heavy bags, crunches, and plenty of sweating!

We’re only five days into 2018 as I write this, but things have started positively. I’m looking forward to the year ahead in running, and I will soon be taking-on some other fitness classes in order to sustain this positivity and, hopefully, to encourage other people to do the same.

Oh…, the 0.90 mile run home that I’d planned after Boxercise? I walked!



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