#fitFeb – Just A Short One…

Just a short post today, as I would like to post again at the end of what will, hopefully, be a successful February.

January fizzled-out for me, really. I managed some road miles and a couple of half-decent parkruns, but I didn’t feel well around the middle of the month, missed some workouts and lost some motivation. Never mind – on to February.

I’d heard of #fitfeb after reading one of Kelly Holmes’ tweets. It consists of doing a minimum of five good workouts per week (so, five for me), which can be whatever you choose: running, cycling, swimming, weights and any fitness classes that you enjoy. You should also engage twice per week in ‘mind and body maintenance’, which could be more classes, such as Yoga or Pilates, or simply stretching, foam rolling and…rest days!

The idea is also to try something new. At some point during February I’ll add another fitness class into my routine- probably a spin session, although I am also contemplating attending a second Boxercise class.

Meanwhile, I’m quite happy with my start to February. I already cycle everywhere in my home town, and I am running at least four times a week. Shorter runs at the moment, but I am pleased with just over twenty miles from 1st to the 8th of this month and another two Boxercise classes, so far.

Some of the Thursday night Boxercise crew, below, including me, second left, looking like I’m about to receive a left hook!

Tuesday Boxercise

I’m really enjoying these classes. I had initially intended to attend for three or four sessions to try it out, then move-on to something different, but I have since decided to make it a regular session on a Thursday evening. Our instructor, Chloe, is more enthusiastic about what she does than David Attenborough is about the natural world, and that enthusiasm permeates the whole class. I also think that the fact the class is run at a boxing gym, rather than a standard gym, means that everyone, male and female, feels comfortable there. People go for a solid workout and to sweat – you won’t find anyone standing in front of a mirror, posing, or making outrageous grunting noises when they have 1kg of weight on each end of a bar and looking around to see who’s watching.

Aside from enjoying the class with a friendly group of people, I’ve found it a great compliment to my running, as I don’t really work my legs too much. The emphasis is on the core, upper body, muscle toning and cardio, so I’m still able to run the following day, albeit without the use of my arms. When you struggle to push the handle down on your front door when you get home, you know you’ve had a good workout!

(Below, a ‘before and after’ shot. We all like these, as they are a reminder of how well our training is paying-off).

Left: Me, just before Christmas.

Right: Me, post-shower, after a few weeks of Boxercise.



Pretty good progress, I think you’ll agree!

Finally, back to Dame Kell. She recently sent a general message out on Twitter, updating people on how her #fitFeb had started and asking how others were doing, so far. I told her about my running, cycling and Boxercise, and she took the time to return my message, congratulating me on a good start to the month and encouraging me to keep at it.

That’s motivational. If you can’t be inspired by a British, double-Olympic champion sending you encouragement, you may as well give-up and do something else…

Well done to Dame Kelly Holmes for engaging with ‘her public’ on social media.

Kelly Holmes

Until the end of #fitFeb…


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