Joyful June: A Great Start!

A Brief Overview of the month so far…

Friday, 1st of June 2018

The last time I managed to run 10k was at the end of July, 2017.

Now, almost injury-free, I was determined that June 2018 would be a good month for running, and that I would increase my mileage and use this as a springboard for better training and more races throughout the rest of the year.

My PB of 46’16 was in my head…for about two seconds. Be sensible, Dan. Just cover the distance and don’t worry about pace.

I completed the run in 57’43, and I was more than happy with that. My first 10k in ten months. Onwards and upwards!



Saturday, 2nd of June 2018

There was some light rain in the air as I set-off for Tesco. I only needed a 35p tin of chopped tomatoes, so I took a £1 coin from the sideboard and headed out. I’d only been walking for a couple of minutes when I spotted something floating in a puddle, up ahead. Could it be? It is! It’s a tenner! And thanks to the laminate finish on the latest £10 notes, I only had to give it a quick wipe before it was ready to spend.

(Below: A photo of the original £10 note that I found).



What a great result! I should have returned with a tin of tomatoes and 65p change. Instead, I had my tomatoes and £10.65 change.

I bet Jack’s mum wishes she’d sent me on that errand – I wouldn’t have come back with ‘magic’ beans!

Well…, it’s only the second day of June and it’s already turning-out to be the best month of the year. Could it possibly get any better? Oh, yes…

Friday, 8th of June. One week after my 10k run

After an easy 40 minute run and a couple of 3 milers during the week, it was time to increase my mileage further. I decided on a 7 mile run, which I completed in 1’02:54. Again, my overall time wasn’t important, but I was very pleased with the splits I ran from miles 4 to 7.

8 to 9 miles next time.

7 mile run splits

Tuesday, 12th of June 2018. 4:16pm

Last Monday I had a telephone interview for a job that I had applied for a few days previously. Since then, I had completed an online assessment, and a face-to-face interview and practical assessment last Thursday. I had a good feeling that all had gone well, and on the following Tuesday I received a phone call from a member of the recruitment team with a verbal offer. I accepted, and my start date will be 2nd of July.

Great! A new job, new opportunities, and over the next two weeks I get to watch England’s World Cup Campaign – in its entirety!

Unhappy England Fans

Good. I’m happy with the way the month of June is going. I’ve already clocked-up more miles than I ran in May, found a tenner and confirmed a new job. It’s time to look at booking some races:

Maraton Valencia, 2nd of December 2018

Great Eastern Run, 14th of October 2018

And any other races that I fancy in between.


Next time: ’12 days a Veggie’. (23/06/18).

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