Parkrun Results

Peterborough Parkrun. I love it!

I had been running for a while before an old school friend persuaded me to give it a go. The first time I ran it, I did so on my own. I was proud of the 25:18 I ran, especially as I felt that I had given it everything I had. It would be some time before I ran faster – or so I thought…

The following week I met the same friend, who is a far more experienced runner than me, and agreed to let him push me. One week after my time of 25:18, I managed to complete it in 23:14. I remember thinking to myself, just after I had crossed the finish line, “Have I ever felt this ill? Will I ever recover?” Of course I did recover, eventually, but I had to endure some good-natured ribbing from various Parkrun peers for a while, who had taken great delight in watching my near-death experience after collecting my token.

Since then, I have gone on to record a time of 21:03, in March 2017, and that remains my PB. I will record my Parkrun times on this page, starting on New Year’s day, to track my progress and hopefully improve on that time. Equally as importantly, I will attend as many Parkruns as possible, as I have also found them to be very rewarding, socially. I am currently in touch with quite a few of my old school friends whom I had not seen for years, and new friends as well.

If you are ever in the Peterborough area, it’s well doing the Parkrun. The course is mainly flat, except for a horrible little bridge, and paved with light gravel all the way round. A good place to set a PB, and you won’t even get muddy!

PR 31 12 16 (2)


Date                    Time                    Overall Position                    Gender Position

01/01/2018         24’36                     82 of 344                                   72

06/01/2018         24’09                    122 of 576                                  109